Headquartered in Bergamo,┬áPerofil is one of the oldest Italian companies, founded in 1910, in Italy, by the Perolari family. The brand is a market leader in underwear, pajamas, loungewear, bathrobes, hosiery, and men’s scarves.

Perofil began with the manufacture of Egyptian cotton handkerchiefs. Over the years, the assortment began to expand, adding men’s underwear, comfortable leisure clothes, pajamas, T-shirts, and socks made from environmentally friendly materials of the highest quality. Perofil uses long-staple Egyptian and American cotton, Australian wool, and Asian linen.

Production has been perfected: all material is carefully tested in the laboratory, fabrics are washed and dried 50 times, and rubber bands are stretched 15,000 times. Their patented seamless technology, which is used to produce underwear and socks, is based on medical research on the male body. Therefore, the products are comfortable and hygroscopic, they are imponderable and perfectly appropriate for sport.