Every pair of Franceschetti shoes is a real masterpiece filled with the spirit of nobility.

The Franceschetti house, founded at the beginning of the Twentieth century in Ascoli Piceno was named after its founder, Adelio Franceschetti. Starting his business in the basement of his house, Francechetti turned a small family atelier for tailoring men’s shoes into one of the most famous companies in the world.

The value of Franceschetti is a preference for a timeless, a noble and classic, and aristocratic style, with impeccable craftmanship. This is what makes their shoes truly unique.

In 1983, the company passed to the third generation of the Franceshetti family, who sacredly honor their family traditions. The main hallmarks of Franceschetti products are hand-finishing, double stitching, double layered leather, and precise attention to detail. They use only natural materials of the highest quality, such as suede and leather. Calm colors and smooth line transitions predominate.

Today, the Franceschetti house produces two lines of shoes: classic and sport. The iconic characteristic of the brand is their logo, engraved on the sole, as well as their recognizable and traditional seam. Every single model has lacing, which is also a distinctive feature of the brand.