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Autumn/Winter 2011-2012



Fall/Winter 2011-2012 collections will inspire these people who prefer to create their own style taking into account the main trends. Cold season in the modern understanding is a bold mix of shades, rich textures and desire to maintain brightness and mood of the summer. The priority of this autumn is rich colors, geometrical and animal prints, check in different variations, white, black or metallic colors, fur and exceptional comfort of everything.


In the new season elegant clothes of BALLY classic style interact with retro style. There are leather jackets, suits and coats made out of tweed, and dresses with romantic prints, skirts, turtlenecks tops. The feature of this collection is the layers. Light scarves wrap around the neck and retract under a t-shirt or jacket. The main colors of this collection are monochrome black, deep wine, ochre, and milky white. Accessories in this season are classic leather bags. Shoes collection Fall/Winter 2011-2012 was created in urban English style : complicated heels, fur and woolen details, mix of different colors and patterns.

Menswear of this season looks very relaxed and comfortable. High quality fabrics: light cashmere for cardigans, jersey for trouser, multicolored knitted fabrics for jackets and sweaters. Main colors of this collection are grey, brown, terracotta, and black.


New collection Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 is designed for real modern women. The combination of warm and light fabrics, leather, suede and fur in different variations perfectly match business style. Dresses are decorated in an urban style. Main accents of this collection were made on silhouette, the geometrical print and combination of wool and chiffon in harmony of warm and cold colors, as well as classic white and black. The main length of this collection is midi. Shoes line is presented by bootie, ballerina shoes made out of leather and suede and elegant shoes for evening.


Collection Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 attracts the attention by juicy colors.  The main colors are blue, red, orange and bright plaid pattern.

Besides classic trench there are unusual for Burberry dresses with full skirts and very tight waists. Tight trousers, tweedy coat with wide three quarters sleeves, retro silhouette creates an atmosphere of the sixties. Another innovation of this collection is fur coats and jackets.


The theme of the new collection is “intellectual chic”.

Designer offers very elegant urban style. The trendy look of Corneliani is an elegant coat, grey or blue trousers, woolen suits, sports jackets, cardigans, and big knitted scarves. There are elements of the military in the decoration. Accessories have some unusual details made out of leather, suede, and textile.  The main color of this collection is absolutely white.


D&G offers graphic prints, bright accessories, and transparent fabric for this season. The feature of this collection is the bold combinations of colors, fabrics, and unusual shoes. The main trend of D&G this season is plastic accessories in the form of letters.

Menswear collection Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 has a special mood of Candy Pink. Tight pants, short jackets, basketball sneakers, bright, cheerful colors. For evening the design duo offers sexy shirt with short sleeves.


The new collection traditionally focused on urban style. The main colors of this autumn are blue, beige, grey and brown. Cardigans, sweaters and pants made out of high quality jersey perfectly retain color and form. Designers also used the high quality fabrics such as wool, cashmere, alpaca, and vicuna. There are also clothes made out of cotton and designed in vintage style.


Ideal image for Autumn/Winter 2011/2012  of Maria Grazia Severi is a sophisticated  but at the same time very active woman, a little bit aggressive. New collection helps to look every day differently, expressing different character and mood. Cardigans, sweaters, cocktail and evening dresses, decorated with ruffles and lace, pants are short. Colors of this collections emphasize the emotional and bright personality of the woman. The main colors are beige, white, wine, and also terracotta and turquoise.


The main image of Autumn/Winter 2011/2012 collection is exclusively feminine and elegant: loose trousers with high waistline, beautiful cocktail dresses, tweed jackets and classic suits with pencil-skirt.

A key trend of this collection is hoods and fur hats a la russe.

The brand offers jackets made out of solver fox fur, coats with colorful stones, brocade suits and dresses with sequins. The designer uses a combination of tweed and suede. The main colors of this collection are pale pink, black, red, fuchsia, emerald-green and turquoise.  The fashion trends of shoes line are fur, lace, and blue, emerald green and violet colors.


According by Salvatore Ferragamo women in new season should look elegant and professional. However, the designer presented business jackets, skirts-pencils and stylish classic costumes, but also luxury feminine evening dresses. The dominant colors of this collection are black, white, and grey. Accessories line is presented by elegant and stylish bags of geometrical form.  A lot of white and black check and python skin.

Menswear line of this season created in calm shades of white, beige and brown colors. In the new season designer offers luxurious suits of blue, green, and brown colors, inspirited by 70-s.

Elements of the military mixed with the Wild West style: elegant coats together with suede trousers and leather details.


The new collection of Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 reflected the all trends of the season: magnificent colors, platform, elegant shoes on the high heel, and rich decoration. Over the knee boots and  bootie decorated with butterflies or ruffles, made out of sued or leather.  The main colors of this collection are classic black and grey, as well as blue and brown. Accessories made out of leather and metal with rhinestones that add to the image of elegance and originality.


Sonia Rykiel designed the new collection in classic style. There are a of original forms, unusual colors and prints. Autumn /Winter 2011-2012 collection includes beautiful gowns dresses, checked suits, English tweed suits. High quality knitwear and colorful palette create the image of comfort and warmness.


The Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 collection is an innovation in design of denim: traditional skinny jeans cooperate with flare, boot cut, cropped, washed or decorated with Swarovski crystals jeans. Designers offer to wear tight jeans with high-heeled shoes or moccasins. Those who don’t wear double-denim can combine jeans with the soft sweaters.


This Fall of Valentino represents the spirit of luxury, sophistications and elegance mostly thanks to the rich colors, clean lines, lace, and embroidery.

Romantic mood underlines with chiffon ruffles, gentle pastel colors and light dresses. Narrow belt, lace blouses, elegant coats of Italian chic, magnificent evening gowns will attract the attention. The main colors of this collection are black and white, beige, ivory, deep blue, light olive. Valentino’s favorite color, red is a main color of the details.


This collection can be named  “glamorous chic”.  There are a lot of evening gowns and trousers. The main colors are very calm but not boring: black background decorated with silver, beige or golden embroidery. According the young designer contrast embroidery, original cut of trousers, bold combination of textures will be typical for this season.


This collection can be named  “glamorous chic”.  There are a lot of evening gowns and trousers. The main colors are very calm but not boring: black background decorated with silver, beige or golden embroidery. According the young designer contrast embroidery, original cut of trousers, bold combination of textures will be typical for this season.


SANTONI’s Autumn/Winter 2011/ 2012 collection combines classic and modern, sophistication and comfort. Boots, bootie, sneakers, platform shoes and flat shoes are ideal for chic woman who knows how to highlight her beauty. The right option for the cold winter weather in the city is the bootie with the rubber heels, and orange shoelaces.  The main colors are black, beige and brown, as well as bright colors: dark blue, Ruby, and emerald.  For the men’s shoes of this season the main colors are beige-grey, dark cherry color, red and brown.


Marni Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 collection represents a very feminine look with a lot of geometrical prints in bright contrasting colors.  There are a lot of fur and leather, and very unusual combination: short jacket over long tunic or skirts, leather jackets and fur coats. Accessories line presents the massive necklaces that perfectly match with warm coats and fur.


Versace Collection Fall/Winter 2011-2012 presents the combination of bright colors of patterns and animal prints. It perfectly combines images of 60-s and modern urban chic: soft light skirts and tight-cropped pants, romantic dresses and capri trousers with tight jackets, trench or short fur coats.

The main colors of this collection are deep blue, bright red, with a hint of orange and gold, and also black, brown and gray.


Autumn/-Winter 2011/2012 collection was created in the traditions of elegance. Any respectable and elegant woman needs everything that made in soft natural colors and light fabrics. Pearl, white, beige, and dark red colors create the spirit of freshness and luxury. The dresses, cardigans and straight skirts made out of very expensive fabrics – cotton and cashmere,  and combine elegance with comfort.


In this collection Giambattista Valli introduced the  “Italian Classic” in the spirit of the 60-s. Clean colors, laconic silhouettes, delicate texture – everything that needs to be elegant and stylish:  classic tweedy suits, embroidered with pearls, cocktail dresses made out of of organza. The main colors of this collection are coral, white, red, purple and black.


According Donna Karan in the new season the woman must look glamorous and elegant: luxurious furs, light scarves, and tight dresses. The main colors of this collection are silver, grey, sand and beige. The key image of this collection is an elegant suit in urban style, feminine silhouettes and harmonious combination of comfort and elegance.


Young creative designers boldly mix strict business style with elements of sportive, excluding the conservatism of the image but don’t ignore the traditions. They use the best fabric that emphasizes the respectability. The big choice of suits, shirts, ties, belts, and shoes helps to create the original image of modern successful man.


The main colors of Gianfranco Ferre collection of this season are white and silvery-grey. Collection look very feminine:  suits and dresses, straight silhouettes. A bit of classic and modern views on fashion: coat with short gloves, jacket with original collar, stylish suits, dresses and long skirts.


The key image of this collection is a sport chic in urban style. Moncler Autumn/Winter 2011-2012 collection represents layers, different proportions and stitches everywhere. This collection created for the people who prefer sports style. Variety of colors is an ideal option for those who miss the bright colors of autumn.


According to Chapurin the femininity of this season is a combination of geometric cut, clear silhouettes and soft lines. Elegant minimalism of this autumn is shown in monochrome colors and exclusive fabrics: jersey, tweed and wool.   This collection presents fur jackets, cocktail dresses and silk evening gowns.  The main colors of this collection are black, white, grey, beige and red; nothing superfluous.