The Podium Italia boutique has a new Spring / Summer 2021 season. We offer our view on fashion trends as a source of inspiration for new fashion experiments.


Comfortable and trendy – wide leg pants are replacing more classic silhouettes, allowing a more relaxed feel, even at the office.  They resemble a man’s trousers, so the best ones can be found in your boyfriend’s wardrobe.


According to the Pantone Color Institute website, Ultimate Gray is the most iconic color this season.  A color that often been described as completely devoid of any emotion is now able to challenge and pacify at the same time.  We have missed this stability and confidence so much!


A print that refines perfectly through all the seasons.  Only the shades of the colors and the sizes of the prints have changed.  This spring there will be a lot of juicy buds, bright blossoming and bouquets that adorn flying summer dresses, suits, tops, shorts, and, of course, swimwear.


Denim is incredibly functional this season: palazzo, skinny, boyfriends, mom style, culottes, as well as jackets, dresses, and shirts.  Our favorite denims will be brighter in the new season – lilac, yellow, pink, and vivid blue. Keep your eye out for the perfect fit.


The richer the palette and the brighter the shade, the better.  The fashion season is experiencing a real boom of pure and rich color. Attention should be paid to all kind of stripes, adding extravagance to life.


Weightless fabrics and the lightest looks continue to conquer catwalks all over the world. Intriguing transparency has been a prominent fashion trends for several seasons. But this spring and summer, transparent outfits are less provocative, trending towards sophistication and restraint.


All the nuances of red account for a fashionable mood this season.  The rich shades of the palette are impeccable in monochrome looks and in different silhouettes – from classic to deconstructive.


The color of luxury, night, and deepness.  Blue can be mixed with any shade: from bright and rich, to pastel and muted. All shades of blue look great both in the light fabrics of evening gowns and casual outfits.


In order to fight against a fashion vitamin deficiency, the designers added a bright and cheerful color-orange.  Delicious and self-sufficient, orange will dilute the wardrobe palette in summer dresses, skirts, suits, and accessories.


Another seductive summer fashion trend is to show naked skin through the most unusual cutouts.  You can show off the result of hard workouts and beautiful tans without going beyond the bounds of decency.


The evolution of the lingerie style allows us to show the straps, and indeed not hide cropped tops and bras under outerwear at all.  Designers advise choosing contrasting lingerie in order to effectively beat this seductive trend.  On the runways, bras were worn with high-waisted trousers and classic suits.


This summer, shorts are suitable for any occasion. At fashion shows there were a wide range of choices, from tight-fitting micro-shorts to relaxed Bermuda shorts, from slightly low waists to high waists.


A very soothing but still very sophisticated trend – monochrome images in pastel colors.  Shades of dusty rose or coconut milk, luxurious lilac or almond crumbs give your wardrobe special character.  It’s the color flatters any figure.


Dresses and costumes, as if crocheted, again excite the fantasy of fashionistas. The Crochet trend is not only nostalgic but is also becoming one of the leading trends this summer. Openwork knitting adorns blouses, skirts, cardigans, jackets, and even shoes and bags in fashion shows. Men should not send their favorite knitwear to the back of their wardrobe: a chunky knit sweater is quite useful on a cool spring evening or on a vacation on the coast.


Filigree crocheted lace is seen in many collections.  Openwork crocheted dresses, skirts, tops, and cardigans are welcome until the end of this summer.


This season, the Pantone Color Institute specialists have chosen the two main colors of the year.  One of them is illuminating yellow.  This bright shade evokes warm sunshine, the refreshing taste of juicy lemon and a positive mood.


Uncompromising white continues to be our uniform for the Spring and Summer of 2021.  The stylists of the Podium Italia boutique can help you to get ideas on how to make your total-white look attractive and crucial.


Designers regularly display ultra-short lengths on the catwalks.  This season, we prefer micro-shorts, ultra mini-skirts, and dresses.


The peaceful blue shade of Cerulean by the Pantone Color Institute is the most calming shade.  Delicate and light, it is the ideal mate to many shades as well as the total blue look


The new season promises an unlimited selection of perfectly fitted jackets: double-breasted, single-breasted, silk, cotton, or tweed, you name it.


Super large collars can highlight a long, graceful neck and emphasize a beautiful shoulder line. Contrasting or soft and clean, inspired by the Victorian era, collars are the solution to our desire to be dressed up luxuriously again.


We think of our childhood and dress up in clothes of berry caramel and bubble gum.  The trending pink palette ranges from very light to darker shades.