“Better cry but in a Rolls-Royce than laugh on a bike” – once said Gucci’s wife Patrizia Reggiani, the phrase that reflects the brand’s philosophy.

You can argue with this statement of course – to each his own. It does not, however, affect Gucci’s sales worldwide.

Gucci is synonymous everywhere with unsurpassed Italian craftsmanship and is a force to be reckoned with among fashion experts.

In 90 years of its existence the Florence fashion house became symbol of unique mixture of traditional and innovative. Each symbol, from decorative bits to red and green stripe, from “Jackie” handbag to “Flora” headscarf – these are all chapters in Gucci’s rich history. At the end of 1960s the famous GG logo – after Guccio Gucci – was launched.

Gucci is a world-famous standard of quality, it follows the elite in everyday life as well as on the c red carpet.