Spring-Summer 2012



The spring-summer 2012 collection is the fashion story about elegant romance: simple casual silhouettes and expensive fabrics. The fashionable female look of Bally is the A-line dresses, pencil skirts, cardigans, coats plus geometric jewelry that give the dramatic images. The coats came laser cut with perforation give an easy to wear lightness. A-line dresses are decorated with laces and t-shirts embroidered with cracked Plexiglas.  Patterns and arabesques and naturel fabrics: Swiss cotton, poplin, soft leather, silk, and laces. The main colors of this collection are rosemary, smoky-gray, blue, and soft green.

Menswear spring-summer 2012 collection makes an impression of unusual softness thanks to light cotton, leather, and suede. The main colors of this season are yellow, blue and green, that make this collection look energetic and young,


This collection is a parade of summer dresses, skirts made out of light fabrics. Chiffon, pleated fabrics, drapery, and minimum accessories create lightness of the images. The colors of this season are very deep: coral orange, deep blue, yellow, black and beige. The designers showed the ethnic motives in geometric patterns. Weaved shoes and little clutches finish the summer image.


Concept of Billionaire Couture in this new season traditionally defines as man’s demi couture.  Everything: clothes, footwear, accessories and jewelry are hand made and very limited edition. This collection dedicated to the men who got used to luxury.  Spring-summer collection offers the recognized suits, blue and white jeans, bright colors jumpers, pullovers and jackets. Footwear and accessories made out of the highest quality leather.


Spring-summer 2012 collection is full of colorful abstract prints, wooden beads, big  hats, and cozy sweaters. Classical trench coats, cropped jackets, colorful hats create the image of modern woman.  The main colors of this collection are beige, brown, yellow, blue, and red.

Burberry Prorsum collection this spring offers the big choice of outwears: classic trench coats, coats, skirts, dresses, tops and hats.  All of them made in bright colors with abstract prints.


Leitmotif of the new collection is naturel and light elegancy.  Mrs. Herrera’s white shirts and trousers are still fashionable this spring, as well as maxi- dresses with the prints.  The colors of this collection are very bright and match the summer mood: white, yellow, green, grey, and cherry red for cocktail and evening silk dresses with little sparrow prints and geometric prints. The mini clutches and massive bracelets are the main accessories of this season.


The young creative designers of this brand mix strict classis style with sport style, trying to avoid conservatism but keep the traditions. The best fabrics, impeccable cut, attention to the details create the image of the modern successful man.  Almost all collection was created in grey and beige colors.


This cult Italian brand creates the new collection in a bit aggressive and sensitive style.  Cesare Paciotti style is always recognized: elegance, freedom and passion. High heels, wedges, platform, bright colors, animal prints and transparent heels – everything looks sexy and makes every woman look unique.  Special design guarantee comfort.

The men’s footwear line of this season is traditional classics with elements of the new trends. The main idea of this collection is mix of different cultures and colors.


Corneliani brought softness in the official style and added some modern details.  The collection was created in soft colors: olive, grey, beige and of course black and while.

The important details of this season are scarves, stylish ties, hats, elegant bags and men purses.


The basic themes of this collection are optimism, elegancy and lightness. A source of inspiration of spring/summer 2012 collection is printed silk scarf. The main prints are floral, animal; polka dot, flags, and medallions. The D&G collection is the wonderful transformation of silk scarves into tiny sexy cocktail dresses, light tunics, suits, shorts, tops and even sandals. The colors of this collection are green, pink, yellow, golden, red and turquoise.

Menswear collection of this season created in classic style: perfectly fitted suits, white shirts, and narrow tie. Classic shoes and big bags are the main ideas of the accessories line.


During the season spring-summer 2012 Daniel Alessandrini shows the original interpretation of menswear breaking the aesthetics standard.  The main idea of this summer is the colors. This collection was created for the men who are free of any complexes, like to be in the center of attention and like to experiment with their styles.  Comfortable cut and bright colors, impressive prints and contrast strips are the hits of this collection.


The spring/ summer 2012 collection looks fresh, light, and romantic. The fashionable colors are beige, soft pink, sand, grey, and blue. Sophisticated embroidery, laces, ruffles, and fringes add the sense of comfort and innocence. Maxi and mini dresses, cropped trousers, mini skirts and shorts, one shoulder tops: everything looks very luxurious, comfortable and functional.

The menswear collection spring/ summer 2012 was created as a mix of classic and casual styles: tight pants, shorts, sweaters, t-shirts and jackets made out of cotton, linen, and silk. The main colors are brown, black, white and red.  Special attention was paid on accessories: big bags, hats, and white bow ties.


The spring summer 2012 collection presents the Italian classic style of 60-s. Pure colors, laconic silhouettes, soft fabrics- that is all the elegant and stylish woman needs.  The main colors are white, black, golden, silver, and pink.   The designer mixes very delicate laces with wool and leather. The hits of this collection are animal prints, safari theme and beautiful flowers.


This season designer created minimalistic but very feminine collection.  The main colors are black, white, beige and grey and very interesting combinations of different colors. The special attention was paid on light cocktail dresses, white shirts, one shoulder tops, white pants, shorts, cropped jackets, and suits.  Big clutches and belts finish the image of Ferre’s modern woman.


The new collection traditionally focused on urban style. The main colors of this season are beige, grey, white, and light brown. Cardigan, sweaters, shirts, trousers can keep the shape for very long time thanks for the very high quality fabrics: cotton, wool, and cashmere.  The part of this collection was created in “vintage” style.


The concept of the brand is “ jeans are not trousers for work any more. They are a style of life and a bold expression of individuality”. Following this concept designer creates comfortable and recognized clothes. The close attention paid on straight and skinny or cropped jeans perfectly fit both man’s and woman’s figures.  The color of this collection is classic blue.


The spring/ summer 2012 collection is a combination of individuality and extravagancy, irony and intrigue.

Dresses, skirts, trousers, cardigans, tops jumpsuits will help any woman to express her mood and character. The colors of this collection underline the emotional and bright character of modern woman: beige, white, blue, cherry red, and turquoise.


Consuelo Castiglioni, art director of the brand, connected femininity and classic styles in the new collection. Soft colors, floral prints, light skirts made out of organza  and elegant dresses create the image of innocent girl from the wealthy family. At the same time the new Marni collection is the mix of silhouettes 60-s and décor of 70-s: A-line dresses with embroidery and lace applications.


The collection spring-summer 2012 has graphic and architecture characteristics.

There is a big choice of maxi and mini dresses, shorts, pants and tops.  The main colors:  red, black, orange, grey, blue and white, reflect the mood of summer city.


The sport chic remains the fashionable this summer. Moncler urban style is a game of proportions and bright colors.  This collection was created in the positive colors: pink, yellow, purple and white. Mini skirts, shorts, elegant dresses decorated with flowers, original accessories present the new spring-summer 2012 collection.


Oscar de la Renta spring-summer 2012 collection is full of laces, frills, prints and original embroideries. There is a big choice of dresses, skirts, tops and pants of different colors. Bright summer prints: green grass, summer flowers.  The main fabrics are silk, lace, and fur.  Evening dresses are as always very luxurious with beautiful application and deep décolleté.


The designers created the new collection in hippie style with a lot of bright prints and metallic details. The main idea of this season is urban casual chic: mini shorts, maxi dresses, jumpsuits, leather pants, long skirts, and bright and sparkling accessories. The fashionable colors of this collection are green, beige, grey, brown, and yellow.


Pierre Hardy created the very beautiful, bright and interesting collection for spring/summer 2012.  A lot of decorative details: applications, buckles, leather decoration and laces.  Platform and wedges made the sandals very comfortable.

Big choice of colors: beige, blue, red, yellow, blue, orange and grey.


The new collection was created mainly in white color. The idea of the new collection is minimalistic glamor adapted to the daily life. Long skirts and loose tops made out of soft and sophisticated fabrics proper for this spring and summer.

Menswear collection spring/summer 2012 is a break of stereotypes: jackets and tunics, tight pants and massive boots, and large accessories.


Massimiliano Giornetti, the creative designer of the brand, made this collection full of bright tropical prints.  Bright, but cold colors, animal and floral prints, big plaid, sexy silhouettes, light and soft fabrics – silk and chiffon. The combination of classical lines and unusual cuts, close attention to the details made this collection very attractive; stylish maxi dresses with bright prints, classic jackets, tight trousers, jumpsuits, cropped pants, elegant tops. Silky belts, colored leather clutches, and high heels sandals represent the accessories line.  The main colors of this collection are blue, red, orange, yellow, and fuchsia.

Loose trousers and sweaters are on the first place in the menswear collection of this season. Bright colors cooperate with classic suits and cropped jacket creates casual look.


The new collection spring-summer 2012 is the interpretation the style of 70-s: bright colors, innovative fabrics, and unique details. Comfort and lightness are the main criteria of this collection. The main colors of this season are warm orange, green, beige, and black.


The designer of this brand, Francesco Russo, created the new collection inspired by style of 50-s.

The shoes in the shape of flowers, sandals made out of cotton with embroidery, classic models and flat gladiators sandals are in the center of this collection.

High heels and wedge – must have.


The key idea of this collection is pure white color underlined by sunny –yellow. The whole collection was created in classic Sonia Rykiel’s style: original silhouettes, contrast colors, different prints, pastel colors and  little strips. Deep décolleté  and slits add to the image some sexuality. Suits, classic dresses, light jackets, shorts and jumpsuits present the Sonia Rykiel spring summer 2012 collection.


The basic ideas for spring/ summer 2012 are elegant jackets, loose trousers, long dresses, A-line dresses, skirts decorated with feathers and simple tops.

The images combine classic conservatism and flirt and allure. The brand is known by its elegance and respectability but the new collection was created in light, frivolous, and flirting style. The main colors of this collection are soft grey, pink and chocolate; the main fabrics are cotton and jersey.  Snakeskin clutches, shoulder bags, massive bracelets, and classic aviator sunglasses present the accessory line.


Alice Temperley sees the new season in black, white, light blue and grey colors.

Spring/ summer 2012 collection was presented by dresses; mini skirts, pants, long dresses and tops with hand made embroidery and decorations made out of laces and organza.  The main feature of this collection is very high quality fabrics.


The Valentino spring summer 2012 collection looks stylish, chic and sophisticated.

This collection includes the gowns with velvet flower appliques.  The special attention was paid to the very romantic mini dresses with laces, trousers made out of transparent fabric and suits with floral prints. The puffed shoulders, the long sleeves, and the deep décolleté create the new silhouette. Stylish clutches and sandals with shining details are the hits of the accessory line.


The Belgian duet showed the collection that can be called “aesthetic avant-garde”.   Spring/summer 2012 collection looks very bright and stylish with original decorations. Magnificent dresses made out of silk, have a lot of frills, impeccable cut, the large colorful stitches, and unique prints.  The main colors are deep blue, black, pink and beige.


The new collection jeans are stylish, comfortable, and have a lot of details. There is a big choice of denim in different styles: skinny, flare, cropped, straight and boot cut, with crystal braided squiggle, high and mid rise, colored and printed. Designers also offer shirts, t-shirts, shorts, and jumpsuits.