Autumn-Winter 2013-2014



The balance between catwalk chic and street style is perfectly balanced, according Balenciaga’s new creative director, Alexander Wang.  The autumn and winter 2013-2014 collection looks quite pragmatic and impressive. For the casual life there are tailored shirts with sculpted shoulders, tight trousers with high waists, black and white tops both with and without sleeves, mini suitcases, and suede shoes. For an elegant appearance there are coats in marble patterns,  complicated cut black dresses, voluminous fur jackets with raglan shoulders, and pointy open sandals with thongs between the toes.


The autumn-winter 2013-2014 season is, first of all, multi-layered, with contrasting fabrics and textures, creating a dramatic silhouette. The zest of the collection is fine embroidery and laser trim, mosaic patterns and luxurious floral prints. Leather and fur are the main fabrics for the cold season. Fur coats, knitted sweaters, fur jackets, fur parkas with hoods, leather jackets, tops and pants, leather skirts and shorts complete the collection. Original maxi dresses are made of silk and thin knits, with elegant midi tunics. The accessories line presents knitted hats, leather boots with embossed with reptile skin, leather clutches and bags. The color palette perfectly fits the mood of autumn: deep shades of burgundy, dark blue, gray, brown, timeless black and white.


The inspiration for this new collection is England of the XIX century. Creative directorMario Chiarenza combines modern silhouettes with elements of the Renaissance: blazers and cardigans made of hand-embroidered luxurious fabrics, and traditional brand loafers are decorated with heraldic patterns. The color palette combines emerald-green, bronze and ruby-red hues. The collection includes jackets and fine wool suits, which are paired with bright shirts, short jackets with zippers, and large knit warm sweaters. Particular attention is paid to elegant cashmere coats with fox fur collars and voluminous cardigans lined with rabbit fur. Accessories include multi-colored suede loafers, leather shoes, and fur hats.


In his new collection, Christopher Bailey maintains the tradition of Burberry: iconic trench coats, classic silhouettes, accented waists, plaid patterns, and graphic prints. Feminine style is underlined with monochrome ensembles and an exciting autumn color palette. Basically, the collection consists of a variety of classic knee-length dresses, skirts, and coats. The distinctive features of this season include well-structured forms, outlines, metal parts, leopard prints, heart-shaped prints, stylish stripes, calfskin, optical prints, and python skin. Fabrics include latex, red velvet, fine knits, drapes, patent leather, and faux fur. The colors of the season are ivory, cappuccino, black, brown, red, white and burgundy, combined in floral designs with gold metallic touches.


The Carolina Herrera Fall Winter 2013-2014 collection comprises sexy and elegant dresses, reflecting motifs of 40s. Dresses in soft honey tones with accentuated waists, structured shoulders, ensembles in leather trim, colorful fur suits with wide trousers and skirts, elegant skirts with trains and silk shirts with bows. Feminine evening dresses stand out not only because of their original flower prints, but also because of their classic styling. The color palette includes ruby, emerald green, blue, hot pink, black, purple, white, and blue.


The new season is an excellent opportunity to touch perfection in clothing and accessories.  Luxurious textured materials and a refinement of true Italian styling  characterize this collection. Designer brands offer the elegance of classic images in a collection of seasonal trendy accents with high quality finishing, materials, and color combinations. The lineup includes suits, jackets, pants, shirts, jackets, pullovers, sweaters. Fine casual knits give special charm to the season. Complementing the image are handmade shoes and accessories, highlighting the status of the modern businessman.


The new collection of Cesare Paciotti  presents elegant and original creations in an extensive range of styles. Aggressive and sensual at the same time the shoes, boots, and high-top boots have either a thin pin classic form, a convenient wedge, or a steady heel. The basic materials are leather, suede, metal, ropes and textiles. Among the collection’s primary colors this winter are black, gray, blue, and brown. Particular attention is paid to the original decor of each item, including prints, color combinations, and form.


The designers at Corneliani, for the new season, look to tradition in selecting a gray and black color palette, emphasizing the primacy of these classic shades. For the autumn and winter collection they propose double-breasted jackets, pants, camel-hair coat, and long leather jackets, in stylish and strict ensembles. Outfits are created not only with shirts, but with knitted turtleneck jumpers, reflecting a casual style for business people. The minimum number of components supports stylistically clean lines and a soft color palette: in addition to the gray-black, dark blue, white, beige, and brown.


The autumn-winter collection includes stylish suits and jackets, cropped and classic trousers, pullovers, cardigans, jackets, knitwear and a wide selection of shirts made from natural fabrics – everything is different and comfortable. Still relevant is the elegance of black and gray. The new autumn and winter season is a showcase for contrasting and bright colors. Eclectic style accentuates the line of accessories.


This designer brand seeks inspiration to the era of the 70s. The basis of the collection is lace mini dresses, long silk blouses complete with suede thigh-high jackboots, vibrant bohemian ensembles, and bulky wool and fur coats. There is expression through small details: metal decorations and ensembles of smooth black leather. Eastern exoticism in the decor is reflected in kaleidoscopic shiny appliques, embroidery, metallic threads, and abstract watercolor prints.


Soft silhouettes, a slight hint of the much-loved Armani Japan from the 20’s and 30’s are the inspiration for a new Armani collection in an original mix of colors and styles. In retrospect, fashion Emporio Armani has always produced neat dresses in pastel colors, bermuda shorts, cropped slacks and coats with a beaded brooch on the lapel. Flowing dresses made of light and silky fabrics help to create wonderfully feminine images. In addition, the designer offers women in the coming season the opportunity to draw attention to themselves with velvet dresses saturated with bright colors.  The cut of stylish blazers and cardigans is comfortable and dominated by soft lines. Layering and vintage motifs are used, for example, in hats. The color palette of the collection is based on dark brown, purple and green.


The autumn-winter 2013-2014 collection is luxurious and elegant, but at the same time, practical, comfortable and versatile and include dresses, turtlenecks, sweaters, skirts, pants, jackets, ponchos, coats, and fur coats. In the cut of stylish blazers, comfortable cardigans are dominated by soft lines. These are made with fur, leather, embroidery, and lace. Complementing the image of luxury are accessories, such as fur scarves. The color scheme is diverse – from the classic black and white to gray, beige, mustard, marsh, brown, and blue.


In the autumn-winter collection, the Gaetano Navarra style becomes aggressively sexy. Perfectly cut clothes, attention to detail, and accessories turns the collection into a classic wardrobe, with a share of extravagance.  The designer’s favorite fabric, jersey, is the basis of many ensembles.  Dresses, suits, jackets, and skirts are made of mixed textures and colors. The collection is made of intertwined rigid forms, metalized jacquard, perforated soft leather, embroidery, and flying silk chiffon. Classic elegance is presented in shirts and jeans. Elegant shoes and belts, scarves and shawls, statement jewelry, stylish handbags lend the collection volume and completeness.


The Giorgio Grati collection for the new autumn-winter season invokes some of the strict lines that give it birth, however, it casts quite the sensual silhouette. The desire to be a noticeable has an impact in the choice of style, which cites the fifties and sixties: dresses, knee-length skirts, classical ensembles, straight pants, and cozy cardigans. A laconic and calm color palette includes shades of sand, blue and gray, green, and pink icing. This is accented with bright colors and the use of a Lurex metallic effect. Black is chosen for traditional neopuritan suits and coats.


Classic black suede, the traditional “winter” skin and a lot of decorative items and unusual designs characterize the autumn-winter 2013-2014 collection.  Harmoniously classic shoe styles with flamboyance further compliment the collection. The most prominent in the new season are stylish boots with zippers, stylish ankle boots, and elegant high heel shoes. An original look is the new platform this collection is built on. The decor ranges from aggressive to the feminine: the stars, buckles, predatory prints, and lace. To match the shoes and accessories there are small handbags, purses, and jewelry.


This new collection will perfectly fit the concept of “urban style”. Traditionally elegant and extremely comfortable cardigans, sweaters and pants perfectly preserve color and shape, thanks to the high quality of the knitwear. The basic colors of the fall are blue, beige, gray, and brown. An easy contrast is obtained from olive and purple hues in different combinations. The garments of this collection are made from the best grades of wool – merino, cashmere, alpaca, and vicuna. The collection also features products made of cotton in either casual or vintage styles.


The magnificent selection of this Spanish brand’s new collection will give the appearance of femininity and glamor to autumn. It includes romantic dresses, warm sweaters, stylish trousers, jeans and skirts, evening dresses and a wide range of accessories. Elegant suites are featured for the office. Ensembles for exploring the city will not create a dull image. The collection also includes shorts, shirts, blouses, sweaters, cardigans, vests, jackets, coats, shoes and unique accessories. The color scheme is warm and neutral.


In the autumn-winter season, denim is particularly relevant. Luxurious and practical, elegant and comfortable, Jacob Cohën jeans have become a traditional and versatile wardrobe addition. Currently at the peak of popularity, narrowed skinny and straight classic jeans are featured. In addition, the line includes shirts – men’s and women’s, as well as trousers that are form-fitting, straight cut, embossed with darts, or without unnecessary decorative elements. A variety of colors, from the usual blue or blue to gray, black, or milk. Distinctive features of the collection include silver buttons, natural fibers, and a chain stitch around the edge.


Collection Jo No Fui, for the Fall-Winter 2013-2014 season is elegant with refined silhouettes, practicality and a unique style. In the new season, the designers create iconic long and short dresses, blouses, pants, overalls, skirts, jackets, sweaters, leather coats, fur vests with capes, coats, shoes, and gloves. They emphasize the sensuality of naturally feminine colors: Venetian red, white, beige, sand, yellow-orange, dark blue, blue-green, marsh, brown and dark purple.


A collection presents the extremely stylish, feminine, and elegant garments. The designers offer both monochrome and pieces featuring a kaleidoscope of colors. The variety of dresses is amazing: form fitting, with drapes, cuts, free cuts, with short or long sleeves, with lace and pleats. These are both plain and created to play contrasting fabrics against each other. In addition, the fall and winter collection of Maria Grazia Severi features elegant knee-length coats with short sleeves, with decorative elements that are furry and perfectly combined with long gloves. Also included are sweaters, pants, skirts, and jackets. The fabrics in this collection are wool, tweed, leather, velvet, chiffon, satin, and silk. The collection focuses on a woman confident in herself, who do not doubt her appeal.

The Severi Darling autumn-winter collection of 2013-2014 is the ultimate in comfort and appeals to women with a curvaceous figure.  Featured in the line are knit and velvet dresses, cardigans, loose pants, coats, jackets, blazers, and elegant accessories.


The autumn-winter collection of 2013-2014 is an ensemble of free cut and round-shouldered coats, with wide trousers, stylish jackets, dresses, tops, skirts, tweed suits, and bustier.  These are adorned with elegant fur mink scarves, Basque tunics, and flannel stitched fur trim.

Military designs are introduced in a line of accessories, including hard wide belts, fur shoulder bags, high fur boots, and bulky mittens. Dramatic contrasts are created with leather sandals. The fabrics of the collection are wool, tweed, leather, velvet, alpaca, mohair, and silk. Fox, mink, and beaver are used to decorate the hem and collar and are presented with boleros, stoles, and gloves. The melancholic mood of autumn is reflected in the color palette of black, gray, khaki and earth tones, complimented by high quality monochrome prints.


The new autumn-winter season will be marked by multiple layers. Designer Thom Browne has decided to pay homage to Scottish motifs. This is reflected not only in men wearing kilts, but also in more traditional garments. Cozy jackets and coats, sweaters, pullovers, pants and warm mittens are included. Much noted are classical plaid and knitted patterns. Of course, the designers play with proportions and use soft muted colors. The elements of the women’s wear line are form-fitting jackets, down jackets, coats with wide belts that accentuate the waist, with English collars and cuffs.   Jackets are perfectly combined with short skirts, leggings, overalls, trouser suits, pullovers, sweaters, and scarves.


This new collection is a display of the eclectic. The combination of silk, pea prints and fur forms a mew trend. Long coats are worn with wide plaid pants, feminine dresses with wide coats, and brutal men’s footwear with elegant silk blouses. Voluminous sweaters are combined with elegant capes in gold, bronze, and silk knitted fabric. A mix of tweed, fur, and wool, is played in different layers throughout the collection.


The basis of this classic collection conforms to the tradition of Pierre Balmain and has become the absolute must-have autumn wardrobe.  Capes, biker jackets, and classic coats are included. Exquisite detailing gives extravagance or, on the contrary, softens the image.  Knitted cone coats, short sleeved suede jackets, and leather jackets are decorated with long fringes, metal buttons, and brutal studs. Blouses and shirts with unusual prints are made of transparent chiffon and black leather. A special role in the collection is taken by pants: wide, pants, bananas with fringe, and skinny cuffed.


This autumn and winter 2013-14 collection is literally bursting with interesting details that give a breathtakingly original image. Asymmetric collars and straight silhouettes, wide boot tops, and light black gothic layering give a topical theme to this season. The unconditional pearl of this collection are long, floor-length coats with wooden hinged buttons and leather gloves trimmed at the fingertips.  High stiletto boots are seen in harmony with long dresses. Embroidered netting connects disparate parts of dense fabric that forms the basis of the jackets and coats. Loose-sleeved silhouettes are reminiscent of the Japanese kimono. T-shirts are seen made out of light fabric with soft edging. Pile jackets are adorned with large stitches in contrasting black and white tones.


The new collection of Gothic and Baroque elements with interesting prints and a rich finish looks stylish, cheeky, and modern. The designer offers luxurious velvet suits, pleated skirts, blouses, pants and traditional chic dresses. Hidden sexuality in the shoulders is conveyed with the absence of excessively bold cuts. Filigree decoration gracefully covers blouses; jackets and trousers in a fine mesh woven with silver threads decorated with shiny beads and gems. This is further illuminated with elegant shimmering black and blue velvet. Elegant tuxedos, decorated with black-and-white prints, fur coats, fur jackets, and straight pants are decorated with playful baroque branching patterns. Creative accents include decorative clutches and original designs in massive jewelry.


The new collection by Massimiliano Giornettii radiates inner strength, self-confidence, self-sufficiency and energy. The range includes leather double-breasted mini-skirts, dresses, tight pants, sweaters, and coats creating an enveloping and flowing silhouette. Woolen dresses are accented with broad belts in soft leather. Amazing double-breasted straight coats are created with a softer A silhouette in alpaca wool or leather.

Dinner jackets, cropped jackets, and voluminous skirts are combined with high-necked striped tops in a variety of ways. The structure of the collection consists of massive folds and hard-lined draping. The color scheme is very low-key with nuances of black, lots of dark blue, and gray and white contrasts.


The Inspiration for the designers of his season was architecture. The autumn-winter collection includes shoes, boots, and ankle boots with classic shaped heels and low-tracked shoes.  The addition of interesting geometric elements and patterns completes the statement. Fine details include metallic inserts, crocodile skin, and suede, lending the collection its special charm.


The main theme of this collection is elegance combined with modern details. The basis for it was beautiful designer knitwear in a soft, cozy, warm, comfortable, loose-fitting, slim-lined, plain pattern. As an alternative, jerseys are created in thin and airy silk, with dense monochrome leather. The collection is universal and includes cool weather jackets, sweaters, suits, dresses, skirts, pants, and coats: everything you need.  Contrasting details, prints and vibrant colors add seasonal appeal and uniqueness.


For the new season, designers are turning to the traditional image of a confident and successful woman who prefers quality and elegance. The autumn-winter collection is a model of concise and classic, emphasizing subtle femininity and the exquisite taste of the modern lady. Small retro notes, draped elegance, and softness give rise to high-end knitwear that is stylish and practical. It is a model for the season. The main colors of the collection are red, wine, black, and olive, all in metallic shades.


This elegant collection for the autumn-winter 2013-2014 season is made in a gentle color palette. Elegance and femininity is seen in dresses, pants, sweaters, cardigans, skirts, and accessories. The Raisins Collection comprises thin waist belts, flared knee-length skirts, and short leather gloves. Evening dresses exemplify chastity, and everyday neatness and elegance. One distinctive feature of this season subtly shaded colors. Temperley London uses prints of stunning elegance with loud or nonsensical elements.


The flying and flowing silhouettes of the 30s with a light touch of aristocratic nonchalance outline the shapes in this new collection. Among the items are elegant coats with short sleeves, day and evening dresses, high-volume blouses with fashionable high collars, extra-long dresses, pencil skirts, narrow trousers, cardigans, and classic costumes. Relevant fabrics with bright textures are used, including fur, perforated leather, velvet jacquard, silk and crepe. The palette combines a retro bohemian atmosphere with the latest seasonal trends in white, black, cyan, magenta, emerald green, purple, beige, and gold, with cell, floral prints and patterns. Embroidered threads, beads and stones complete the decorations. Accessories comprise fur bags, leather and jacquard miniature handbags encrusted with crystals, dainty shoes, sunglasses, and jewelry. The main decorative theme for shoes has become the trend of this season – figures of dragonflies and scarabs in precious jewels.


The new Valentino collection includes a series of charming dresses in a slightly puritanical style. Accents include lace and white collars, puffed sleeves, fur capes, blue and white patterns, and floral prints. Most of the dresses have an A-line silhouette. Skirts are shown in all their diversity: short, above the knee, long, sexy, or medium length. Suits and coats are created in pure white, low-key black, and cobalt colors. Evening dresses take on fascinating blue and dark red hues. Patent leather ankle boots complement the image, simulating sandals with white lacy socks.  Strict bags and clutches, decorated with studs complete the look.


The inspiration was to create a collection based on the Brothers Grimm fairy tales such as Hansel and Grettel. This year’s autumn-winter collection is filled with luscious prints and folkloric details. This is a parade of short skirts, capes, corsets, blouses, knit sweaters, stylish coats, jackets, velvet trouser suits, and knitted cardigans.  Made from woolen and knitted fabrics, fur, velvet, leather, taffeta, silk, denim and tulle, these garments are exceptionally crafted. Playful knit Basque corsets are combined with fluffy skirts and fur collars. Prints and patterns are reminiscent of gingerbread houses, with red roses, lace, bows, ribbons, and sophisticated embroidery.  Jeans and warm knitwear are the key components of this beautiful story. The color palette suits your mood: black, coral, beige, white, blue, ivory, purple, sunny yellow, dark blue and turquoise colors convey all the colors of the fairy-tale world. Accessories, made in the style of the Victorian era are combined with lace shoes, embroidered bags and clutches.  Lace and flounces reinforce the fantastic effect.


Formula Vunk new collection reflects her essence: Versace + punk. It’s sexy and daring Versace adding a radical and brutal punk element. The color palette is made up of Donatella’s favorite colors, yellow, black, red, and purple.  Animalistic prints, bracelets and collars with nails and spikes, and vinyl are replacing black leather.  T-shirts with colorful graffiti, black-and-white checks, and oblique zippers are contrasted with punk paraphernalia. Narrow trouser suits in dark colors and long slinky evening dresses complete the look. The designers play on contrasts such as wide, floor-length coats. Jackets look perfect on the bare body. The prevalent materials are bare skin, dyed fur, and plaid. Shoes include boots with spikes and studs, sandals, and shoes.


The collection for the Fall-Winter season of 2013-2014 is different, displaying brightness, brilliance and unexpected elements. A variety of styles are embodied in classic eveningwear and casual clothing, including sandals, boots, ankle boots, and pumps. Heels are in both original and traditional forms, such as wedges, stilettos, hidden platforms, and low speed. The items are presented in a restrained palette of colors, including a muted blacks, elegant blues, discreet beiges and browns, mysterious purples, sparkling whites, and iridescent silvers. Handmade and flawless materials lend the collection refinement.  Details include inlaid stones, straps, fur edging, metal items, embroidery, and above all, uniqueness. Only natural leather, suede, fur and textiles are used.


The Italian brand Who’s Who presents a wide variety of images and styles. The autumn-Winter collection of 2013-2014 will be marked by a combination of comfort and elegance, which is expressed in a variety of tasteful ensembles.  Items include voluminous pullovers, skinny pants, romantic dresses, brutal leather jackets, classic shift dresses, and bright colored coats with a patchwork effect. Monochrome garments are combined with exciting prints, including checks, stripes, and flowers with interesting geometries. Positive colors, such as orange, red, herbal, purple, blue, mustard, and blue complete the palette. Serious monochrome looks include white and classic black and white. Details include fur capes and collars, clutches and bulk bags, large beads, and both high platform and wedge-heeled shoes.