Key season trends will help correct your wish-list six months ahead. Basic trends, as usual, will remain the same, as far as the latest trends – designers have long ago presented them on the runways around the world.

Total black.

The principle “nothing extra” with respect to black in the coming season is not quite appropriate. Despite being monochromatic, black can go far and place high in the hottest Fall-Winter trend lists, thanks to the abundance of detail and decor. Absence of color in this case is better than any color.


The color of rain and cloudy skies is perfect for a total-look, as well as a foundation for other colors. All shades of grey are easily integrated into formal suits and outerwear, evening dresses, and comfortable cardigans and it is equally impressive in knits, silks, leathers, or furs.


This season mustard will emerge on all levels. You can put mustard on head to toe or try mixing and matching different shades. This fall will be truly golden.


According to the institute of color Pantone cherry tomato is one of the hottest colors of the year. Variations of red are endless, however excessive brightness is best offset by simple shapes and traditional silhouettes.


The truly magical properties of green inspire new life in the Fall-Winter wardrobe. Emerald green, soft mosses, tropical leaves, and even khaki shades are believed to calm us down, but also perk us up in the dynamic modern world. Whatever the reason, green is one of the basic colors in most collections.


This trend is not new. Tartan is the center of attention almost every season. Black watch, tattersall, window pane, argyle, glen check, “Prince of Wales”: the rule is to combine different types of checkered patterns, from tiny to bold. Lots of variations are available, the choice is yours.


We could watch the velvet revolution this season in Milan, Paris, New York, London. Velvet has replaced plain modest looks and now fits in not only in evening outfits but casual also: free flowing velvet pants go well with knit sweaters, velvet bomber jackets complement jeans, a sheath dress is perfect for the office.


The sky is overcast, so let’s put sadness aside – colored crayons from your childhood will be your new inspiration and basis for the Fall-Winter creative work. Not only dashing combinations of pure bright shades are in fashion now, but also mixing and matching of prints, dégradé effects and color blocking. Perfect for those not willing to stick to just one single trend.


Sequins, rhinestones, metallic, lurex, silk, brocade, and lamé – glitter has become one of the most noticeable trends. Mixed up with cottons, wools, and knits, the new shine is subdued and soft, totally devoid of excessive loudness. When dressing for the day and picking shiny dresses, skirts and tops, one should opt for subdued and calm shades.

Futuristic trend.

Star fever in the coming season is all about fabrics and construction. Designers associate futuristic trends with metallic color, as well as new high-tech materials, plastic in accessories, deconstructed cuts, which remind us that the future is now. It is becoming trendy to venture out to the new galaxies.


The color of luxury, night, and depth. Shades of blue look great as light evening wear, as well as outerwear, knits and wools. Blue is an ideal color and goes well with all sorts of shades: from bright and bold to subtle and soft, in the first case it can easily offset your general color image.

Ponchos and capes.

Designers introduce ponchos and capes into their outerwear collections, which are capable of adding drama to a regular look. Loose and luxurious capes, ponchos with Oriental detail or comfortable fringed wraps are nice complements to pants as well as dresses of different lengths.

Down jackets.

This trend is here to stay. Nothing says comfort and coziness during cold periods quite like classic puffy winter wear. Today proportions may be unexpected, colors – unpredictable. By the way, to show up in the office wearing a down jacket is not a faux pas anymore.


Pleats are back. This season we opt for complex mixes, unusual lengths and textures: leather skirts, shiny fabrics, prints and geometric cuts.


A Wild West theme is present in many collections: fringed suede jackets, checkered shirts, patch pockets, leather pants, and cowboy boots and hats. Cowboy themes always comes back and continue to use American westerns with its boldness, ignoring minimalism.

Multi-layered looks.

Looks that have three, four, or even five articles at once, will be very popular this coming fall and winter. The point of layering is not only to keep warm, but also to demonstrate interesting textures mixed up together, colors and lengths. This is designer play with their own imagination, it is super fun, complex and beautiful as ever.

Flower prints.

Flowers on black backgrounds are a designer trick, which surpasses all expectations this fall. Painted on, three-dimensional, photographic or styled, or large or tiny – the new flower season will remind us of an English garden in spring, as well as surrealistic fantasies.

Animal prints.

Placing predator accents in the new season will be easy. An abundance of animal prints will look especially impressive in unusual color combinations, mixed up with leopard prints, zebra, tiger, and all sorts of reptiles.


The total reign of black and brown will concede to the new color combinations: leather is bright and attractive now. Accents are placed by mixing textures: leather, including patent leather, mixed up with semi-sheer chiffon, pleated silk, mesh-work or guipure. Leather pants, wide-legged with imperial waste are among the season’s must-haves.


A classic look for all times – jeans comes back from time to time as a seasonal trend. Designers like to change their point of view, creating new denim looks and changing traditional jean colors. Today denim is most functional. Designers recommend using accessories sparingly, jeans stay unaccessorized; even belts are not used.