We do not make money off a brand name; high quality makes the name.”

Andrea Santoni

Santoni’s philosophy is “all in one place” with regard not only to the leather goods manufacturing process, but management also. The brand name is managed by the Santoni family: Giuseppe Santoni is in charge of development, his sister Ilenia Santoni is the chief administrator, and signor Santoni himself participates daily in every aspect of manufacturing supreme quality leather goods. Any product that comes out of the factory in Italian Corridonia, must be a true Santoni.
Santoni is a true work of art, all shoes are handmade. They cannot be replicated. Each pair of shoes is unique like a true work of art.
Santoni uses exclusive high-quality leather, processed with natural dyes, which makes the color look so nice and intense.
Santoni shoes are quality checked before being put in a shoebox. Seams and details of each pair are checked by a specialist, who then puts his card in the box, it means that the product has been thoroughly checked. This is one of many traditions followed by the Santonis for many years. Santoni manufacturing is located in Italy, in Corridonia, Macerata, and Marche – all shoemaking centers.